Detailing Kings Winter Package


On arrival your car will receive a full chemical decontamination wash to thoroughly clean all surfaces including wheels, paint work and glass.


Preparation Process:

✔Wheels cleaned using non acidic wheel cleaner and decontaminated.

✔Wheel arches pressure rinsed to remove built up dirt and grime.

✔Entire vehicle covered in alkaline snow foam pre-wash to loosen surface dirt prior to any contact.

✔Safe wash using 2 bucket method with grit guards to reduce any chance of marring the surface.

✔Chemical decontamination with iron fallout remover and tar deposit remover.

✔Snow foam bath to flush any residue from the decontamination stage.

Pressure rinse and towel dry.

Package 1


✔ Paint work protected with Ceramic Pro Care+


✔ Glass Protected with Ceramic Pro Rain (Front 3 windows)


✔ Interior Cleaned

Package 2


✔Paintwork Protected with 1x Layer of Ceramic Pro Top Coat

✔Glass Protected with Ceramic Pro Rain (Front 3 windows)


✔Interior Cleaned


✔Wheels Protected with Ceramic Pro Care+



The popular winter protection detail is back ready to get your car through the harsh winter months. ​


Designed to protect your car from road salt and other winter grime as well as helping you stay safe with the application of window sealants allowing you to see more clearly whilst driving. ​

With multiple levels of protection we have a service for every budget and every vehicle. 


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