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✔Remove rubbish from the interior of the vehicle.


✔Hoover the interior of the vehicle including seats, mats, carpets, boot and parcel shelf.


✔Remove any mud stains from plastics/seats.


✔Extraction cleans for upholstery seats, matts, carpets where needed.


✔Leather Seats Cleansed & Conditioned


✔Remove dust and contaminants from the dashboard and polish to bring back the brand new look.


✔Clean all interior windows to a streak free finish. Place air freshener in vehicle.


✔Applying a non-acidic wheel cleaner to the wheels and left to dwell, then clean the wheels using a non-scratch brush then pressure washed off.


✔Applying an all purpose cleaner to the door shuts and boot shut, left to dwell agitating with a non-scratch paint brush, then pressure rinsed off.


✔Applying an all purpose cleaner to under the arches, left to dwell agitating with a paint brush, then rinsed thoroughly with a pressure wash.


✔Pre-washing the exterior of the vehicle with a high quality snow foam and allowed to dwell before rinsing.


✔Apply a tar and glue remover to contamination on the vehicles exterior.


✔Wash the exterior of the vehicle with a non-scratch wash mitt, using the two bucket method.


✔Pressure rinse the exterior of the vehicle then dry using a non-scratch drying towel.


✔Apply Ceramic Pro Care+ providing 4-6 months protection, self-cleaning effect, gloss-enhancement.


✔Clean door shuts and fuel filler cap with a non-scratch towel.


✔Alloys sealed and protected.


✔Apply tyre shine and trim dressing to bring back the brand new look!



✔Interior Hoover & Deep Clean


✔Upholstery seats & floor matts extracted removing stains and dirt


✔Leather Seats Cleansed & Conditioned


✔Exterior Shampoo & Decontamination


✔Ceramic Pro Care+ applied to Exterior for 4-6months+ protection


✔Wheels sealed & protected

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