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There are several levels of correction available. We will always guide you on what would deliver the best results whilst maintaining the integrity of the vehicles clear coat.

Get in touch to arrange an inspection and lets have a chat about how we can restore your car!

ALL service packages include the following:


✔Safe snow foam pre-wash application.

✔Hand wash using two bucket system with grit guards and pH neutral shampoo to prevent further paint damage.

✔Remove all bugs, tar, iron fillings and grease deposits using safe methods & products specific to your paint finish and any further contamination will be removed with a Clay Bar.

Single Stage


This is our enhancement level of correction. Designed for new cars prior to receiving paint protection.


✔Stage 1 Machine Polish

This service will remove light marring and swirl marks but deeper defects will remain.

2 Stage


Our 2 stage paint correction service is perfect for used or slightly older cars that need some extra attention to remove deeper defects to achieve the desired result.

✔Stage 2 Machine Polish

Bespoke Package


We are able to tailor a package specific to your needs including Paint Correction, Enhancement & Protection.


This can include wet sanding, machine polishing, orange peel removal and much more!

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